In this fast and furious challenging world, production costs have escalated tremendously over the last decade. That includes basic wages, raw material costs, logistics costs, currencies fluctuations and various types of government taxes. On the other hand, we understand our Customers are under tremendous pressure to stay competitive in order to retain and win businesses. Here in Rapid Conn, we will always have our Customers’ best interests at heart. To enable our Customers to achieve their business goals, Rapid Conn is enroute to be a full-fledged Vertically Integrated Solutions Provider.

By achieving Vertically Integrated Solutions Provider status, our Customers will enjoy:

  1. One-Stop Shop for our Customers
  2. Higher Consistency and Better Quality
  3. Synchronisation of Supply and Demand Along the Lines of Production to Improve Production Lead Time
  4. Strategic Independence by Negating Reliance Of Suppliers for Raw Materials And Critical Component Parts