Rapid Conn offers 100% Vertically Integrated Services and is enroute to providing our Customers Vertically Integrated Solutions.

By Providing Vertically Integrated Services, our Customers are able to enjoy:

1. Excellent Sales & Customer Support Services

Dynamism, Professionalism, Experienced, Long-Serving… Just some adjectives to describe our dynamic team of Sales Professionals and Customer Support Consultants.

Our Sales & Customer Service Team has garnered wealth of experience in their long term tenure with Rapid Conn. Our elite Team are in the best position to assist and advise you promptly your queries and requirements. They are strategically located in Asia & USA to cater to all time zones, ensure efficient and on-time processing of all orders and enquiries.

2. Engineering, Design & Prototyping

For customised solutions, our team of Engineers, with an average of 10 years’ experience in this Industry, will meet your engineering and prototyping needs.

Examples of the latest customised prototype solutions for our Global customers:

2” Beacon

5.5” Beacon

Divider End Cap Beacon

IDB V2 Monitor Sensor

Foam Packing For Beacons

Reader Assembly

Transmitter Assembly

HD & Conn

IDC Terminal Block E3

47mm Tall SATA ASM


HDMI Cable Base

F Clip

Paint Mask Fixture

Spring Connector

3. In-House Tooling Solution Capabilities

In-house capabilities for some tooling to secure quicker sample response time.

4. Fully Equipped In-House Testing Capabilities

Rapid Conn has a wide range of Testing Capabilities and Equipment to ensure our Finished Goods meeting all the necessary Industry requirements and Customer’s specifications.

5. Mass Production

Three floor levels of Production Capacity to cater to the growing demands of our Customers which includes 24×7 cable extrusion lines. Production personnel undergo rigorous training and re-training throughout the year to ensure higher efficiency and greater effectiveness in the production lines.

6. Quality Assurance Systems Innovation

Our qualified QA Team enforces stringent QA processes to cinch 100% QC pass. QA Team is tasked to constantly explore investing in a wider range of testing equipment and upgrading of existing ones.

7. Global Supply Chain Logistics Management

The paradigm shift in logistics management is moving towards flexibility and efficiency. Therefore, it is critical for Rapid Conn as a Manufacturer, to craft logistics strategies to handle dramatically greater logistics complexity, in order to provide shipments in a more accurate and fast manner than our competitors. Quick and timely delivery in minimum time and costs relieves our customer of excess inventories.