The Smart Connected Devices (SCD) is expected to enjoy exponential boom over the next few years. More than a billion units of SCDs are shipped each year and are still growing. Revenues for the industry expected to exceed US$223.2 billion and growing. New technologies in this industry include smartphones, tablets and wearables such as health and fitness devices, smartwatches and smart eyewear.

Rapid Conn has been working with various SCD customers, to support the exponential growth and demands of the Industries. We provide customised solutions for cables and connectors, such as Data, Charging and AV cables, HDMI (Type-A, C & D) and USB (Type-A, C & Micro-B). We are MFi certified to produce Apple’s lightning cables for use in all iPhones, iPad and iPods.

Our R&D team has also designed a universal charging docking station, aptly named UniCharge. It has the ability to charge multiple types of Smart Connected Devices in one station, be it Android, IOS or Windows platform. A series of future products has already been conceptualised for the Docking Station family of products.


The smart wearable device revolution is a key category to watch in the coming years. Wearable electronics business is expected to power from $14 billion to over $70 billion in the next 10 years.

Rapid Conn has been working with key players in this industry, to specially design and customise different types of cables, such as water-resistant magnetic charging cables and custom connectors for these smart connected devices, gearing for the phenomenal growth.


By 2017, Smartphone accessories is expected to grow to $38 billion in revenues and that include all cables and connectors, such as Lightning cables, HDMI (Type-A, C & D), USB (Type-A, Micro-B & Type-C).

To enhance our capability and expertise in this industry, our factory has been MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad or iPod) certified in 2015. In the last few years, we have been in partnerships with various CMs and suppliers of various mobile handset manufacturers.