Embrace and Practise RAPID Conn’s 5-Value Principles

RAPID in Our Daily Tasks
ANTICIPATE – Being One Step Ahead
PRIDE In Everything We Do & PROFITABILITY Driven
INITIATIVE & INNOVATIVE – Step Out of Comfort Zone & Think Out Of The Box
DESIRE To Be FIRST In Technology & FIRST In Market Penetration

Rapid in our Daily Task

  • Rapid in our response to internal and external customers
  • Rapid in solving issues and challenges

Customers will be pleased at our response time from handling Requests for Quotations, churning out drawings and determining specifications, receiving and processing of Purchase Orders, coordinating delivery schedules, preparation of all shipping documentation to packing and preparation of goods for timely and hassle-free shipment.

Anticipate – Being One-Step Ahead

  • Anticipate customers’ needs and requirements
  • Anticipate issues and challenges that we may face

The luxury of sitting on years of experience, Rapid Conn is able to anticipate customer’s specifications and requirements from our experience and knowledge from working with various industries and countries.

Customer Service Team is familiar with major holidays around the world and will be in a best position to advise and plan shipping schedules, factoring any bottlenecks that may occur as a result of these holidays and festive periods.

Pride in Everything We Do

Take Pride in everything we do to ensure Profitability

  • Take Pride in our responses and documentations to ensure Integrity and Accuracy.
  • Take Pride in our manufacturing process to delivery stage to ensure 100% Quality Assurance.
  • Take Pride in being part of RAPID CONN GROUP, with mutual respect for one and other.
  • When we take great Pride in our processes and procedures, Profitability ensues.

Initiate & Innovative – Step Out of Comfort Zone

  • Possess the Initiative to do beyond our roles and responsibilities for our customers as well as for our colleagues.
  • Be Innovative in our daily tasks, from sales calls to providing solutions, to keep up with evolving technologies and the highly competitive markets

Desire to be First

  • Desire to make CUSTOMERS First
  • Desire to do it right the First Time
  • Desire to be INDUSTRY’S First