Connected Homes communicate between digital devices typically deployed in the home; such as connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, Portable Media Players, Game Consoles, Set-Top Boxes, Smart Set-Top Boxes, Digital Camera, and Camcorders. Networking devices included are Routers/Gateways and Bridges/Adapters.

Connected Homes & Offices industry has been our core industry for more than 10 years. Our top 3 customers dominate the top 10 spots in this billion dollar industry. Rapid Conn has been one of the key partners with these world’s leading STB & BB manufacturers, on the design of custom cables and connectors. Over the years, we have been consistently producing cables and connectors such as HDMI, SATA & SATA combo, Coaxial, RJ11, RJ45, RG6, RCA, VGA and FFC/FPC or USB cables, Rapid Conn is at the forefront of this technology and have started supplying both the USB 3.1 cables and connectors.