What makes Rapid Conn stands out amongst the numerous manufacturing facilities in the world is that we offer Vertically Integrated Services and we are enroute to becoming a Vertically Integrated Solutions Provider.

  1. More than 20 Years of international Experience Working with Global Customers
  2. Diverse Industry Experience
    We harnessed our core competency in Connected Homes & Offices, and ventured into partnerships with customers in other industries such as Smart Connected Devices, White Goods, Automotive and Interactive Kiosks and Others.
  3. Custom Product Development & Design Capability
    Our team of Design Engineers based in USA and China, deliver customs solutions of the highest standards, from conceptualisation to final products.
  4. Quick Turnaround Time
    Our team possesses experience in the skill-sets and know-hows, to ensure quickest turnaround time in production time with stringent Quality Controls in place.
  5. Wire Harness Production Capabilities
    Our 6 units of in-house cable extrusion lines running 24×7 have enabled us to achieve more cost savings for our customers with full control on the quality.
  6. In-House Plastic Injection, Mold Design & Over Molded Cable Capabilities
    Our Facilities include both the horizontal and vertical molding machines that provide plastic housing as well as overmolding ability.
  7. Global Material Sourcing
    Our global sourcing enable us to source for the best and most competitive materials from all over the world.
  8. Global Logistic Support Experience
    Our elite Logistic team are well-versed with International shipping regulations and requirements.
  9. Dedicated Sales & Customer Support
    Our Sales & Customer Support Team based in China, Singapore and USA are bi-lingual in English & Chinese, enabling full support to our customers across the globe and across the various time zones.
  10. Partnerships with Global CMs
    We have not only forged strong partnerships with all major Global CMs in the various industries but have maintained continuous pristine Quality records.
  11. Warehousing Facilities
    With warehousing space of 25,000 sq ft, our US office provides Kanban/JIT services as well as warehousing facilities to our customers in North & South America and Europe.